Running A Lil Late

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Video Description: Lady Monroe is a trained ballet dancer that reveals she is also an exotic dancer on the side. All the pole work has gotten to her back and she's finally decided to have her first massage to see if it will offer some relief. Afraid it will hurt, Cameron Dee (who was running a little late) assures her there is nothing too it and that it will feel great. Lady gets naked so that Cameron will be able to do all she needs to to relieve Lady's stress and aches. After a quick lube up, Cameron starts working her tanned hands all up and around Lady's perfect white skin. When Cameron grazes her shaved pussy, Lady sits up and says she's working a little too close for comfort, but Cameron tells her the stress relief will be amazing. Lady listens and Cameron takes the opportunity to get on top of her and kiss her beautiful lips while she works her nipples into an erection. She quickly kisses Lady Monroe down her belly to her sweet and tasty pussy where she spends the remainder of the massage, until she gets her off.

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More Cameron Dee!!!!! Much much MORE!!!!!!
2015-11-17 20:34
Toys are boring. Great looking girls!
2014-05-04 21:23