Riding The Bolster

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Scene Description: Alison is tired, and tense from riding her horse in competition all day, and needed some relax for her poor legs and ass. She's able to set up a massage without a hitch, and with a special focus on the gluteus maximus and thighs. How much better suited could the massage be? Charlotte shows up and uses her expert techniques to locate the tightest areas. After some stretching and some full body massage, the massage gets closer and closer to relieving Alison. Then the heat picks up. Charlotte pulls out her bolster pillow, so she can prop Alison onto a perfect angle to access her bound ass, and get the ass massage under way. Charlotte uses her expert hands to penetrate Alison's crevasses, and takes a taste of Alison's delicious pussy. Charlotte can't help falling for Alison's flavor, and demands that Alison let her continue the massage using her tongue. At the end, Alison has forgotten completely about her sore ass.

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best scene on the site
2015-01-31 22:59
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Old Banger
Have to agree. In my opinion probably the best 2 videos on the AGM site are Helping The Boss and Riding The Bolster. Common denominator Charlotte Stokely. Also helped having 2 other fine co-star actresses in India and Alison but Charlotte is very sexy and her facial expressions, enthusiasm and dialogue create a genuine, natural performance that makes these scenes work perfectly.
2015-03-10 07:49
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amazing scene!
2014-08-21 17:41
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Very good scene and both these actresses are extremely sexy! Only downside to this scene is the below-average 69 and ending sex (if you can call it that). I like long scenes with sexy set-ups, but they have to end with good pussy-licking and orgasm (69 is even better). So, to make it short, very sexy scene, but the sex (the 69 in particular) should have been stronger.
2014-07-06 18:13
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A really amazing scene. I prefer erotism to explicit sex. This scene has a bit more of erotic features. I mean , the chat between these girls , the way one looks the other, etc. I've missed more body-contact instead of ass-licking or 69. However, the girls are beautiful and gorgeous. One of the best lesbian scenes I've ever watched.

I think the seduction is a very important part of a scene and this scene eventually succeed in it.
2014-03-22 14:12
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Ms Bree Mills
Wow, thanks for the amazing comment - I just shared this with our whole team here. If you think this is one of the best lesbian scenes you've ever watched, then we must be doing our jobs right! :P We take each and every comment to heart so thank you ... hopefully you'll enjoy what we've got next! - Bree, AGM
2014-03-25 17:02
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Really Hot Chix
2014-03-13 17:57
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