Practicing On Sis

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Video Description: Morgan Rain and Adria Rae, two step-sisters, are busy trying to figure out what to get their mom for her birthday. They throw some ideas out between them but quickly realize that they don't have a lot of money to spare for the gift. Then Morgan suggests that they give their mom a massage for her birthday to go with the new health kick she's been on! It'll be perfect since they can give the massage themselves, which means they won't have to dig into their pockets!

Adria's game for giving such a unique gift, although she doesn't know how to give massages. That's when Morgan steps in, insisting that they should practice on each other. Although Adria is a bit weirded out, she's soon won over by Morgan's charm...

It isn't long before Adria's on her front while Morgan straddles her hips, massaging her shoulders and back. Once Adria gets into it, she becomes more confident that this really will be a nice gift for their mom! Of course, she needs to know what she's doing, too, so she soon swaps places with Morgan so that she can give it a shot, too.

Adria is so good with her massage that Morgan soon starts to squirm, admitting that she's feeling the heat. When Morgan starts coming onto Adria, Adria is stunned but has to admit that she's feeling the heat, too. Since it's just them, why not have a little fun to take the edge off...?

The two sisters give into temptation and energetically pleasure each other, savouring the sweet taste of pussy. As they lose themselves in the moment, thoughts of their mother's gift is the furthest thing from their minds!

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Adria is such an awesome performer. I love her. This was a great scene.
2020-06-22 22:45
So will we get a Part 2 with the Mom?
2020-06-22 12:43
A lot of the American stuff is just so bad. Girls with too much make-up, ridiculous false eyelashes, horrible tattoos and piercings and awful acting. Then the sex scenes all look so staged - I know all sex scenes are staged, but they shouldn't LOOK like they've been staged. There's very little sensual bulid-up. This scene is a very good example of what I mean. A girl giving another girl a massage has a lot of erotic potential - starting with some gentle stroking to get the other girl turned on, then some tentative kissing and gradually undressing each other. The sex should proceed slowly and sensually. Here the girl is roughly fingering the other girl's pussy and licking her ass almost immediately. Then you get that stupid screeching and shrieking from the girls to supposedly convince us how much they are enjoying it. Almost every scene follows the same pattern.
2020-06-22 04:34
When Adria started. she was like this naive girl next door. How quickly things changed from getting fucked in the shit hole many many times since then to getting gang banged by 5 black big dicks, and doing DP scenes. From hot to slut, but it's what the freaks who are the new breed of porn watchers, want and demand these days. So WTF has much of porn gone. It's no longer full of sexy, methodical scenes kissing and even involving romance to a robot like atmosphere not even trying to hide machine sex. Is this where porn and sex is going. Robots fucking robots?
2020-06-22 03:43