Plug my Butt

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Video Description: Kortney the masseuse has a date tonight and decides to take a quick shower before getting on her way. She undresses preparing for the shower and as she heads to the shower she notices her co-worker Asa is already in the shower. Pressed for time she asks Asa if she can join her in the shower. Asa agrees and offers to help wash her. They soon start rubbing each other and getting aroused, then Kortney spots an anal plug and decides to bring it to the next level. Asa starts by giving Kortney a Nuru Massage and rubbing her body all over Kortney. Then when both women are horny and wanting more they use the anal toy to achieve an exciting multiple orgasm.

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Ouate de phoque
I love it!
2015-10-20 11:04
Damn what a stemy video. Please keep Asa Akira & Kortney Kane around
2015-07-01 19:00
fantastic made me rock hard for more of this action you won't be disappointed.
2013-11-11 23:44