Passion Party

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Video Description: Karla Kush and three of her friends are sitting together in the living room, surrounded by sex toys. Angela White is the sexy salesman presenting the toys at the passion party. Although her friends are really into the demonstration, Karla is too shy, barely even able to look anyone in the eye. While her friends lightly make fun of her for her awkwardness, Angela is patient and understanding, just wanting Karla to enjoy herself!

When Angela breaks out sensual massage oils, Karla is intrigued. Yet, the intrigue turns to horror when Angela calls her out to do a live demonstration. Although Karla wants to run away and hide, her friends egg her on, encouraging her to let her hair down and live a little! After some hesitation, Karla agrees, since it WOULD be nice to get out of her shell a bit.

Angela ups the ante by insisting that Karla needs to be naked so that she won't get oil all over the clothes. Again, because of her friends cheering her on from the sidelines, Karla gives in. As she discards her clothes, her friends gush over her body, unable to believe how Karla could be shy with a hot bod like hers!

As Angela begins massaging her, Karla's insecurities fade away. She begins growing more aroused as Angela's hands glide all over her body. Being on display in front of her friends, who are having the time of their lives, makes her feel more confident with every passing second. So confident that when Angela gets naked to take the massage to the next level, Karla has no complaints.

Angela is ever the showman as she pours oil all over them, making their audience wild for more. When Angela's fingers mischievously find her pussy, Karla is unafraid to let Angela know that she likes it, wanting more. Now Karla never wants this erotic demonstration to end!

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Outstanding. Angela and Karla are great (Outstanding) at devouring each other. These two sexy ladies are totally turned on the moment they touch and start seducing each other. They lick, suck, eat, rub, and finger each other to explosive orgasms. Their pussies are gorgeous and their butt holes are clean and cute. Karla is very erotic and sexy when she fingers her own asshole. Karla has two of the most erect, hard, pertruding nipples found on a young, pretty woman. What can a man say about Angela beautiful, large, natural breasts…except they capture and hold your attention throughout the film? Karla and Angela are perfect together. Love the tribbing Karla puts on Angela and the squirting (cum) Angela slurps up from Karla’s very wet pussy. Three other ladies (Joanna, Jessie, and Scarlet) watching the action pour lots of oil on Angela and Karla and Angela and Karla make it an important part of their fun. Karla and Angela get lost in each other and don’t get distracted by the small audience. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and Karla and Angela’s memorable performances.
2020-11-29 00:06
Fucking HOT...Karla & Angela are so phenomenal in this scene..Storyline & flow of the scene is super sexy as well. Loved it
2020-11-17 09:03
Karla so sensual, Angela great body and performer, great scene
2020-06-25 10:50
Now that was hot
2020-06-23 21:40
user_24073972 DonH*Doc*
Well, with Angela White and Karla what else did I expect other than greatness? And they delivered. Great job Joanna in directing these two. The sex was spectacular. The acting especially on Karla's part was spot on. I loved the way you didn't retouch Karla's running makeup. So damn hot with it all over her and Angela's face. My only criticism is it ended to soon! I was ready for round two with Angela and Joanna! That would be super hot! Angela's just getting warmed up! This ones definitely a keeper!
2020-05-20 02:31