Parlor Tricks: Teacher Trap

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Video Description: Ryan Keely walks into the massage parlor and is greeted by Kiarra Kai. She must be her two o'clock client--, Kiarra begins, but stops abruptly when there is a moment of recognition between her and Ryan. Oh, hi Mrs. Keely, Kiarra says. Hi Kiarra, Ryan says with a nervous laugh. She didn't know that Kiarra worked here, Ryan says conversationally. Yeah, she moved out of her parent's place when she turned 18, so being a masseuse helps pay the bills, Kiarra says brightly. There is a second of awkward silence.

So...obviously Ryan is here for a massage, Kiarra breaks the silence with a laugh. Yes, she is, laughs Ryan. The class that she teaches Kiarra in isn't the only class that she handles at the college, Ryan says. In fact, she's had a full course load this last semester, so she's been pretty stressed and could use some...relief, Ryan says. Oh, she can definitely help Ryan there, Kiarra says with a hint of flirtation. So...should she waits for her masseuse here or goes into the room and wait for her there? Ryan asks. Well, her masseuse is here already!, Kiarra says brightly. Ryan looks around, confused. Um, she's not sure---, Ryan begins. Kiarra laughs good-naturedly. 'No, no, I mean I'M your masseuse today!' Kiarra chuckles.

Ahhh, Ryan says with a self-conscious laugh. Um...she doesn't mean to be rude, but she doesn't think it would be...appropriate for Kiarra to massage her, Ryan says delicately. Oh....yeah, of course, she understands completely, Kiarra says, trying to cover up her disappointment. Well...why doesn't Ryan head into the massage room and get settled in?, Kiarra suggests. She'll send another masseuse in to take care of her, Kiarra adds helpfully. That would be great, Ryan says, relieved. Sorry again for any trouble, Ryan adds apologetically. No need to be sorry!, Kiarra answers. Ryan smiles and proceeds to the massage room.

With Ryan waiting in another room, Kiarra asks her colleague Kasey Miller to do the massage. But, she mischievously tells Kasey, she also had in mind that they could do. Kasey agrees.

In the massage room, Kasey has Ryan take off her clothes. As she disrobes, Kiarra peeks her head through the door, catching a glimpse of Ryan's naked body. She licks her lips approvingly. Kiarra and Kasey share a glance as Kiarra tosses Kasey an encouraging thumbs-up. Ryan sees none of this and lies face down on the table. Kasey begins the massage.

After massaging Ryan for a while, Kasey lies, telling her that she needs to get more oil and that she'll be right back. But instead of coming back, Kiarra comes in and takes Kasey's place. Ah, she's back, Ryan says dreamily, with her eyes still closed. Mm hmm, Kiarra says, pouring oil on Ryan's back. Good, keep going! Ryan says in blissful consent. As she begins to massage Ryan, Kiarra bites her lip, loving her teacher's body. Before long, Kiarra works her way down Ryan's back and begins to gently massage her ass. Ryan moans with pleasure.

Kiarra continues to caress Ryan's ass, pouring more oil on it as the massage becomes increasingly erotic. Seeing that Ryan is becoming swept-up, Kiarra presses her advantage, lightly grazing Ryan's pussy. Ryan gasps but doesn't resist. Ohhhhh, Ryan says with a smile. That feels so good, DON'T stop, Ryan whispers. Kiarra begins to softly caress Ryan's pussy.

As Kiarra increases the intensity of her fingering, Ryan moans breathlessly, sticking her ass up in the air to meet the thrusts of Kiarra's fingers. With her finger banging reaching a fever pitch, Kiarra suddenly says 'Oh yeah,' without thinking. Hearing this, Ryan opens her eyes wide. Wait a minute..., Ryan exclaims, that voice... quickly flipping over. Her mouth drops open in shock when she sees Kiarra standing above her. Kiarra?! How could she---?, Ryan trails off in disbelief. If she had known it was actually Kiarra giving her the massage, she would NEVER have let it go this far, Ryan says, shaking her head. It's so inappropriate! Well, Ryan wasn't complaining a few minutes ago, Kiarra points out. And they're not IN class right now, Kiarra says seductively, caressing Ryan's leg. Ryan smiles. Kiarra grins back at her. Their lips collide in a passionate kiss.

Kiarra set quite the trap for her teacher, but Ryan's definitely not complaining about getting caught in it...

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I am madly in love Ryan Keely and her lesbian scenes! Super active sexy lady!
2021-05-08 11:33
More of this and more of this licking and spitting on pussy
2021-04-23 20:34
Good. Both Kiarra and Ryan are usually very good; but in this film, they just were not into the sex like they usually are. I like the story-line, and I thought that Kiarra and Ryan would pull it off really well. But they didn’t create the usual number of orgasms and there was too much jumping around from one position to the next. Ryan is very sexy and Kiarra has a real beauty about her; but something did not mesh. It was not a waste of time, but these two have beautiful, shapely bodies and my expectations were higher. I do like Ryan’s enhanced breasts and erect nipples and Kiarra’s Wet pussy and thighs and attractive face. I hope they give it another chance in the near future. Ryan and Kiarra are a gift to the industry and their fans. Thanks Girlsway for putting them together.
2020-11-10 23:15
Always more Ryan. Disappointed there was no rimming. Would like to see RK in a 3 way with 2 younger girls.
2019-05-13 19:46
Ryan never disappoints. She can be counted on be enthusiastic, a GREAT pussy eater and first class tribber and says things other that "Yes, yes" and "OMG". She is just gorgeous besides. I thought the view at about 23 minutes with Kiarra on the table on her back with pussy juice or ? on her belly was really hot. When she was eating Ryan with Ryan on top in a 69 one could see the juices on her (Kiarra's) face , that too was hot. I thought the massage table might give way a time or two as the action got vigorous. A very nice scene.

I did think the director, Mr Visual, should have a member of the camera crew with a hand held camera so it could get angles that were not from the side of the table and could be elevated to see the pussy on pussy action for the tribbing. There would have been some great shots of the pussy licking from that position as well. I though the angles on the tribbing, with Kiarra on top were rather poor. One could never see the pussy on pussy contact. The camera needed to higher and toward the end of the table to see that. The second tribbing sequence with Ryan on top was better. The editor should allow longer sequences of the pussy on pussy action, at least 15 seconds, and the director needs to slow that action down a bit so it is not like 2 Energizer bunnies going at it. That would allow that wonderful sight of the pussy lips mashing against each other and allowing them to stretch and stick together as they separate. The cherry on the cake for that activity is to see the juices on the pussy lips as well.
2019-05-13 16:01