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Video Description: Gia Derza loves keeping up with the latest video games. Her parent is into game development but he's been kind of secretive lately about his latest VR project, which leaves Gia curious. He's always been pretty open about his projects before, so what makes THIS one different?

One day, when he's not around, Gia sneaks into his office, making herself comfortable at his computer while putting on the VR headset. As soon as she boots up the game, she's exasperated at the parental controls, but easily gets past that since she's old enough. Just what kind of game IS this?

When the game loads, Gia finds herself in a bright, calming massage parlor. She's pretty impressed by the graphics, noting how realistic everything is, though it's the sexy masseuse, Kenna James, who ultimately gets her attention. Kenna's DEFINITELY the best part of the game so far and when she pleasantly offers a massage, Gia is down to put her parent's work to the test.

But when the massage starts to turn sensual, suddenly Gia knows why this game was kept a secret!

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Gia has the arse and thighs to set the world on fire.
2021-07-08 15:07
Good video, loved to watch two of my favourites in some sexy action. As for Kennas breasts, Im ok with it. Her body, her choice!
2021-06-28 23:33
Haters gonna hate, Gia derza is THE meta 2020,2021, and potentially 2022.. There is NEVER enough Gia Derza!!!
2021-06-27 15:26
I believe that there are enough scenes for Gia derza, can we see new faces? Or at least familiar faces that we love!
2021-06-27 01:28
What has Gia Derza got on you people? She's on every week, sometimes twice a week. She seems perfectly lovely but I wouldn't mind a break from her if I'm honest.
2021-06-26 10:47