Paparazzi In The House

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Video Description: Tammy arrived for her massage appointment with Alison who showed her to the room and left her alone so she could get ready. Before she got undressed Tammy hid her iPhone under the mattress. She then stripped nude and lay down on the table. Alison rubbed her back then flipped her over. Tammy asked Alison if she would massage her tits and undress. Alison is happy to accommodate her. She stripped off all her clothes while she rubbed Tammy's amazing tits. She then dragged her tongue down Tammy's body and started to lick her while she used her fingers to rub Tammy's clit. As Alison went down on her Tammy grabbed her iPhone and started snapping pictures of the in action. Alison slid a finger inside Tammy's pink pussy and made her cum hard. The girls kissed and Tammy was left fully relaxed with pictures of her hot encounter to remind her of how great it was

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Alison got left out.... I'll help her.
2018-08-31 08:07