Old High School Friend

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Video Description: Annika hurt her back and heard that a masseuse named Courtney had some serious special healing powers so she made an appointment and met up with her. It turned out they knew each other because they went to school together. Courtney remembers that Annika was a lesbian in high school so she asks if she still dates women and Annika tells her that she did, but not any longer. As Courtney starts the massage she rubs Annika's back then rolls her over and runs her hands all over Annika's amazing tits. She then slides her hands down Annika's body, spreads her legs and starts licking her pussy. Annika tells Courtney she doesn't do lesbian stuff anymore, but Courtney just tells her to look at this as a bonus and continues to eat her pussy until she cums hard. Annika is so turned on she pulls off Courtney's clothes and returns the favor, licking her pussy until she cums.

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Annika is fucking perfect. ASS and pussy looks delicious
2014-07-09 12:53