Niece's Family Tree

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Video Description: Dee Williams is excited to welcome her niece, Evelin Stone, into her home. They'd been separated awhile because of a rift between Dee and Evelin's mother, who is Dee's step-sister. Now that Evelin's on her own, though, she's eager to have her Aunt Dee back in her life!

Evelin is there that day to find out more about her family since her parents never really told her anything, leaving her in the dark about their family history. Although Dee is not from the same bloodline, she tells Evelin everything she can. In doing so, Evelin learns that her family is a lot more liberal and free-spirited, just like her and Dee! Also, it seems like she comes from a proud line of masseuses!

Dee is touched by Evelin's curiosity and passion, offering to show her some basic techniques to see if being a masseuse is right for her. Evelin eagerly agrees and is soon melting under her aunt's experienced hands. When Dee asks if Evelin would like to massage her, Evelin's game.

As she massages Dee, following her guidance, the situation becomes unexpectedly arousing. Her aunt is just so sensual and in touch with herself, and Evelin is drawn to that incredible energy! Once she begins to massage Dee's breasts, turning them both on, it's decided that they will deepen their bond in an even more intimate way...

Evelin writhes with pleasure as Dee puts her experience as a masseuse and lesbian to good use. Dee is all about celebrating their femininity and positive energy as they press their hot bodies together. As they enjoy the sweet taste of each other's pussies while rubbing each other down, Evelin thinks she may pick up the family tradition and become a masseuse herself!

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This had to be for me one of the hottest faux-cest vids in awhile. The whole massage beginning was pretty dam hot especially when Eveline started rubbing on Dee and "accidentally" touched her aunties big tits. She then is told to let your hands go wherever and they sensually slide into Dee's panties. Excellent reach around action. The tribbing wasn't shot well but at least we got to see some pussy mashing from the side. I just love the way Eveline put her whole mouth & lips on Dee's pussy and just went to town. So hot. Alot of times you see girls just lick or nibble on the clit and not much else. But Eveline was basically French kissing Dee's pussy and got into all of it....that's the way to do it. I just wish we could've seen her insert her tongue deep into her aunties pussy. I know she did it but we just couldn't see it.

The constant references to them just being "step" family members was annoying. You said it once to establish the relationship....we get it. You don't have to say it 3-4x. But that's not the actresses fault. They're just following a ridiculous script. Other than that the video was awesome. Both ladies executed their roles superbly. Well done.

2019-06-24 04:24
nice family sex
2019-06-17 09:08
I have seen Dee do quite a bit of lesbian porn. ( She has the kind of Pussy I want to lick and the kind of Boobs I want to fuck.
2019-06-14 19:23
I wanted to see the foot fetish action when Evelin was getting her toes sucked, instead the cameraman moved the camera and started showing Evelin's face. Try to show the actual toesucking, the same mistake happened in other scenes.
2019-06-14 09:20
deewilliams boobs need fetish with stepdaughter hands
2019-06-13 10:17