Newly Wed and Alone

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Video Description: Newlywed Angela Sommers is finding it hard to adjust to married life, now that her hardworking husband is back to his busy travel schedule. But whenever she wants some pampering, masseuse Celeste Star is only a spa visit away. At least Celeste appreciates her exfoliated skin and toned legs. And she can't keep her hands off her sculpted butt. But Angela likes the lesbian attention when Celeste turns Angela onto her back, and tells her to close her eyes, as though she should not see the disturbing things about to be done to her pussy. Angela almost feels guilty with pleasure, except she can barely remember being rubbed by her husband like this. As the massage gets more erotic, and Angela becomes more breathless, Celeste ups the ante, taking off her clothes,climbing on top of Angela, and massaging the mound of her pussy. Then more probing, she starts fingering and licking her client's sensitive vagina and clitoris till Angela cums with abandon. The girls trib like wild, and climax from grinding their wet pussies together!

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Celeste definitely loves pussy
2021-06-01 17:24
how bad and boring, nothing happens
2021-02-03 17:55
I love to see Angela seduced and fucked by a woman or seduce and fuck some innocent young thing
2020-12-16 17:00
Single-handedly the greatest girl-girl scene ever captured to film.
2020-12-11 01:07
user_24073972 DonH*Doc*
My God so much to love about this one other than just simply saying Celeste and Angela.
First, I loved the lighting and contrast between the scene darkness and the ladies skin colors, hair and pussies.
2nd, Nothing's more Gorgeous than that hair of Celeste up in that high, tight pony tail and when she flips it around. Especially when she uses it as a tickling device.
3rd. Her natural sweat is erotic as hell. She builds up the most energetic, sensational passion with her body and seeing her glisten is incredible.
4th. Angela plays the part of the passive seductive to Celeste's seductress to perfection. Her slow build up of unbridled, pent up, unharnessed, pure carnal lust is awesomeness.
Only side note. At about the 6:43 left mark, the sound track goes off kilter for a few minutes and is really annoying. Other than that fabulous scene! Thank you Celeste and Angela.
2020-07-20 09:38