New Girl In Town

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Video Description: Brittany Jade only just moved to California a week a go, so she's still getting used to her new surroundings. To help her relax, one of her friends suggested she go to the local massage parlor for a full body rub down. You can tell that Alana Evans, her masseuse, is into her from the get go. She's flirting and complimenting Brittany on her body and tattoos the entire time. The close up shots of Brittany's pussy and tight asshole as Alana works her glutes are amazing. Her fingers flirt gingerly with the border of Brittany's pussy and you know both of them are getting turned on. Brittany's nipples harden instantly at Alana's touch and her breathing intensifies when she gets to her clit. Brittany has big juicy pussy lips and Alana licks and sucks them hard. See her tongue glide over Brittany's swollen clit as she easily brings her to orgasm. Welcome to California Brittany.

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more Alana Evans please !!!! I love her g/g performances
2015-11-30 00:08