Never Been Touched

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Video Description: Holly West has an unusual situation on her hands. Her client for the day is Casana Lei who has never been touched! She is nineteen years old and had to sneak away from her strict upbringing to treat herself to not only a massage today, but her first touch experience. She is surprisingly open with her body. She feels comfortable being nude in front of Holly, so their relationship is trusting from the get go. Casana is in heaven just experiencing Holly's vanilla touches so you can only imagine how off the charts good she is about to feel as Holly takes this massage in a more sensual direction. Casana spreads her legs slightly, revealing her cleanly shaven pussy before flipping over and onto her back. Holly demonstrates on her own breasts how the massage is going to go, letting Casana get used to the idea that her tits are going to be rubbed. Seeing how responsive Casana was to her touch, Holly begins lightly caressing her clit and Casana practically creams herself then and there. Holly gives Casana the full service massage and in turn her first orgasm and lesbian experience all at once.

I know I shouldn’t watch for the storyline, but would someone that has never been touched by anyone have a big Ole tattoo on their back? Lol
2021-07-16 05:19
So nice to see the lessons Holly gives Casana. Thei're gentle and understanding. Holly shows it all, the massage on her own breasts, the sliding in of her dildo. Only, the whole lesson goes a bit too fast, but Casana seems a student catching on fast. In short: I like this video, it is different from others. But it shows that different stories mean much entertainment. Girl/Girl Videos are so much more interesting!
2014-09-11 13:14