My Spanish Teacher

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Video Description: Heather stopped by the massage parlor to visit her old Spanish teacher Bridgette who was now working as a masseuse. They haven't seen each other in a long time so Bridgette offers to give Heather a massage while they catch up. As Bridgett rubs Heather down they practice some of the Spanish Heather should have learned in class. She can't remember much and confesses to Bridgette that she was distracted by staring at Bridgette's big tits and fine body in class. Bridgette has always thought Heather was hot too so she leans in and starts licking Heather's nipples then drags her tongue down her body and licks her pussy until Heather cums. Heather then takes over. She might not know much about Spanish, but she knows how to make a woman cum and is about to show her former teacher exactly what she can do.

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Bridgette is sooo hot... Please another girl / girl ASAP!!
2016-02-24 08:02
Nice! Please shoot a scene with Bridgette B in boy/girl action and don´t forget 69!
2014-06-19 15:56