My Friend's Masseuse

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Video Description: Alyssa Branch was out jogging with one of her girlfriends and they started chatting about the neck and back pain she was having. That's when her gal pal turned her on to Korney Kane, her friend's masseuse. At first Alyssa wasn't sure it would help but eventually she agree to give it a try with an open mind. She made her appointment and showed up that weekend, greeted by a very professional Ms. Kane for the intake survey. Then she got naked under a bright pink towel, and Alyssa has never been shy about her body so she left her panties on the floor. It didn't take much time at all for Kortney to find Alyssa's sweet spot, leaning down to kiss her gently on the lips before caressing her belly and working her fingers beneath that pink towel to expose a tight teen pussy. Notice the fact that Alyssa isn't even shaved, because she wasn't expecting anything like this to happen. That's the power of a fantastic masseuse giving a world class All Girl Massage!

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The tatoos don't really look like they fit into Alyssa's "persona" so to speak, but she looks absolutely gorgeous with pale skin,the make-up chosen though definitely helps define her beauty and the red hair is a bonus perk. I hope to see another video of her, she's one that you can never forget and even though a lot of people say being pale doesn't fit everyone, on her she looks beautiful!
2014-03-03 22:59
Ugly tats. Looks like a 7th Fleet sailor.
2014-01-04 23:56
I love scenes with girls who have hairy pussies. They are really exciting for me. I would appreciate if you shoot more scenes like that
2013-11-04 04:43
Ms Bree Mills
Thanks - Alyssa is pretty hot, especially with a little bush. We'll make sure to invite her back in the next few months! Would it be helpful for you if we created a category for "hairy pussy"? - Albert - AGM
2013-11-04 11:19
Oh, yes, that would be great you create a category for "hairy pussy". That would be awesome! Thanks!
2013-11-21 19:19
I watch a scene with girl called Raven Rockette. She has a beatiful hairy pussy as well. But I haven't seen any other scene with her in this site.
2013-11-21 19:21
And how about shooting a scene with both girls with hairy pussies?
2013-11-24 15:21
great idea. maybe dani daniels and karlie montana? 2 of my favorites
2013-12-01 02:02
Indeed! Dani Daniels and Karlie Montana are two of my favourites as well. Watching that scene would be awesome!
2013-12-21 07:51