My Daughter's Secret Job: Part Two

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Video Description: When MILF Mindi Mink busts her eighteen year old step daughter Samantha Hayes at her secret job giving massages, she blackmails the teen into giving her the 'schoolgirl special' but Samantha turns the tables on Mindi by recording the entire session and threatening to show her father! Mindi is disgusted that little brat Samantha would dare do something so disrespectful. Samantha uses the upper hand to demand a massage from her step mother. Mindi straps on Samatha's oil belt and gets to work. Mindi does not like being at her step daughter's mercy. Samantha guides her hands from her breasts lower down to her pussy where the lesbian MILF slowly fingers her and makes her very wet. Samantha tells Mindi to lie down on the table so Samantha can sit on her face, reaching back to finger her mother's wet pussy. Mindi takes the teen's pussy so slowly and gently it's like torture for Samantha. She begs her mom to stop but Mindi makes her cum all over her face. The lesbian teen dismounts, then spreads her mother's legs wide open and copies her technique, lapping up her juices and sucking gently on her clit till Mindi quivers cumming hard in her mouth. Samantha tells the MILF she wants to eat her pussy while being licked. Mindi ogles Samantha's tight little ass, running her tongue up and down her pussy slit, while Samantha plants kisses between Mindi's opened legs. Mindi sucks the flesh between Samantha's meaty lips till Samantha gets the blast off she deserves. But will a rubdown keep their secret safe? Click to find out!

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Wow I love Mindi and Sam love hairy delicious pussys all natural fuck you people who want shaved pussy god give you hair for a reason!!! Mindi eats pussy passionately mmmmmmmmm soft hair against her lips yummy mmmmmmm I could watch Mindi eat pussy all day mmmmmmmm love ya bunches xoxo xoxo
2020-06-24 08:29
OMG I adore both full bushes!! I agree plot 1 had better plot and twist, but dining at Mindy's "Y" will keep me up all night!!
2018-11-02 21:38
Part 1 was good. You had the mom discovering her daughter's "secret" job and then the massage seduction...thats all good. So you basically want us to believe and think that they turn around and redo the same exact stuff all over again? Thats weak from a writer's perspective. Theres no buildup or seduction in pt2 so it was disappointing whoever came up with this. I mean they just banged each other and turn around and just redo the entire scene again.
Would've been much better had the scene taken place at a "later" time say at home a couple days later or maybe mommy wanted to come back and get another massage with a different twist but too just turn around and do the same stuff all over again was WEAK. I liked pt1...pt2 was nah. Bad story telling.
2018-01-26 07:22
MINDI MINK and SAMANTHA HAYES are so beautiful and so good together, we could watch them all year long!
We have watched them since they first appeared together on Girlfriend Films.
We hope they continue to make more movies with each other.
They should start their own joint website.
We love you both.
2017-03-01 12:16
mindy mink is one of the most sensual milf you will find but this comic again approach takes her out of her element as this is not her.....look at the promo picture its more of girlsway oh my goodness!!!! there is nothing sexy or sensual about the way this scene starts out with I gotcha!!! so unrealistic.... anybody that watched a girlfriends scene with mindi would not believe its the same woman ........PLEASE KEEP THESE TYPE OF SCENES ON GIRLSWAY AND GO BACK TO SEXY SENSUAL SEDUCTION THAT MADE THIS A GOOD SITE
2017-02-13 18:19