My Daughter Will Rub You

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Video Description: When Anikka Albrite arrives for her massage appointment, her longtime masseuse gets called away to deal with a family emergency, leaving the masseuse' teen daughter Uma Jolie to take over. Anikka is surprised that Uma's old enough to be an experienced masseuse, but Uma assures her that her mother taught her well. She applies oil to Anikka's shoulders, massaging the pressure points in her upper back, stroking downward along her trim torso. Anikka is impressed that Uma is doing such a good job with her hands. When she works her way down to Anikka's full round ass, she makes sure it's well oiled. She takes away the towel covering the lower part of her rump, and Anikka finds that strange, since Uma's mother never does that. Uma explains that she likes to focus a lot of attention on the glutes. Uma tells Anikka to turn on to her back. She climbs onto the massage table and fondles her exposed boobs. Anikka chastises her that touching her like that is wrong and inappropriate. She reminds Uma how long she's known her, she's practically her mother. But Uma is horny for her billowy titties, and she gets naked too. Anikka has a hard time denying the obscenely sexy teen slinking between her legs, begging to taste her pussy. Uma promises Anikka her mom won't find out. Anikka really can't help herself anyway, not once the lesbian teen's tongue makes contact with her clit. After tribbing their horny pussies together, Anikka laps at Uma's wet pussy, rubbing her juices all over her face while cumming hard in her mouth!

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If it was possible for Kristen Scott and Kimmey Granger to have a baby; that baby would be Uma Jolie
2021-09-12 04:22
Whenever Uma face sits and her tight athletic body faces the camera, I am in Heaven. Uma's abs are the best in the industry. She is thin, fit and exactly what I look for in a star. She is strong, muscular and does not have a bit of fat on her! PERFECT
2021-09-12 04:15
2021-07-31 00:54
This is the feel all movies here should have between the stars. Not a lot of moaning and fake sex.
2021-07-05 02:58
Winnie the Pooh
I just watched it again. Damn, what a lovely scene! Uma and Anikka are so great together. Uma's truly gorgeous. Her body is just perfect and her green eyes are mesmerizing. She looked stunning when she was queening Anikka.
2020-06-21 08:52