My All Girl Massage

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Video Description: April O'Neil's boyfriend has a wild lesbian fantasy of her being massaged by another lesbian woman. Our heroine makes an appointment with Jenna Sativa but isn't sure that Jenna's intentions are honest. The expert lesbian assures April to relax and shows her to the massage table asking her to undress. Miss O'Neil asks for her masseuse to give her some privacy before she lies on the table naked. The masseuse spreads oil over April's naked body and accidentally spills it on her panties. Ms Sativa gets closer toward April's pussy and massages her thighs making April anxiously aware of what is about to happen. She moans with fearful excitement as her masseuse rubs her fingers between her crotch and begins licking her soft, shaved pussy crying out in ecstasy. Jenna places her pussy over her client's face as she gratifies her lesbian pussy lust. They get into a 69 position, their pussies wet and ready for climax. They finish themselves off tribbing in heated lesbian excitement.

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Wow! I miss Jenna's fit little body and tight ass. As well as when she shaved around her pussy.
2021-09-08 19:59
OUTSTANDING. Thoroughly enjoyed watching Jenna and April in this All Girl Massage episode. Jenna and April are beautiful with their trim shapely bodies and beautiful wet pink pussies and clean lick-able assholes. The story-line is believable and well-done, and acted out. The slow build up works well. These ladies enjoy and even thrive in licking and sucking and fingering and eating pussy. April and Jenna work well together from start to finish. Their natural breast and erect nipples are very cute and sexy. Every move serves a purpose and help to arouse each other.
2020-10-18 23:08
The bushes rubbing against each other soooo hot!
2020-07-17 12:53
Not really a Sativa fan but April can make any scene better.
2020-06-13 19:22
One of my favorites
2019-11-18 23:05