Mother Daughter Spa Day

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Video Description: We here at AGM are proud to present this special edition Member Fantasy inspired by one of our most popular submissions to date. This first time ever foursome for All Girl Massage is sure to please.

Tanya and Anikka drive up to the Sapphic Bliss spa for Mother's Day. Lyla and Lizz have been waiting for them all morning for their arrival. Tanya was sneaky and made sure they would have the whole spa to themselves today. Annika proves to be shy, uninterested in bathing naked with her mother, she averts her eyes. As the sensual massage progresses, we see the expert masseuses become progressively excited by their clients. The spa isn't called Sapphic Bliss for nothing.

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Still one of my favorite AGM scenes.
2018-10-15 14:34
So the idea for this scene is extremely hot but this scene disappoints in two ways: 1) there is way too much lead up to the sex. The scene is 37 minutes long but we only get 10 minutes of actual grind. It should be 4-5 minute lead up and a hot 20 minutes of sex. Yes, its a shorter scene but more sex... shorter day for you guys too. 2) There needs to be interaction between mom and daughter or else its pointless. I think we deserve a re-do Alan!
2018-10-15 08:27
Please continue a "Mother Daughter Spa Day" Part II and Part III with different actresses and a female Spa Director. Thanks a lot.
2017-03-04 08:44
Can there be another "Mother Daughter Spa Day"? Part II and Part III Please ? With different actresses of course.
2015-07-12 22:56
The video was excellent! It is exciting to see a mother having a massage with her daughter and having pleasure and orgasms with masseuses. She wants to keep this secret moment away from the father of her daughter. She wants to hide her lesbian side to her husband but she wants to reveal it to her daughter.

Another fetishs video would be to see the mother giving a massage to her daughter in presence of one of the best girl friend of her daughter and then introducing the best girl friend to game play by letting her pratice a massage on her daughter while the mother in a corner having a break time will watch them in their pleasure games and will fuck herself in front of them. It would be delicious.
2014-02-05 10:15
Ms Bree Mills
ooh awesome idea, you should submit it to our "What Should We Film Next" forum. If it gets enough votes from other members, we'll be happy to bring that fantasy to life. Bree, AGM
2014-02-11 18:49