Monthly Meeting

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Video Description: Masseuse Jade Baker welcomes massage parlor owner Lena Paul into the room. Jade introduces Lena to her trainee, Violet Myers, and explains to Violet that Lena is there for a monthly inspection.

Lena strips down and inspects the room while getting a massage, which seems like a normal thing between her and Jade. Meanwhile, Violet is shocked.

Eventually, it is time for Lena to inspect the comfort level of the massage table. She lies on it on her front side as Jade massages her. Violet becomes even more shy when Lena rolls over and Jade begins massaging her front. Jade sees how flustered Violet is and invites her to help massage Lena. Violet agrees.

Jade shows Violet how to massage Lena, although purposely makes it more sensual, which makes Lena moan with pleasure. When Jade starts rubbing Lena's pussy, Lena sighs with happiness, commenting that Jade always knows JUST what to do...

Violet is still flustered by everything, especially when Jade encourages Violet to rub Lena's pussy, too. Violet is very hesitant but also hornier than ever by this point. She agrees and begins rubbing Lena's pussy, taking cues from both Jade and Lena.

Welcome to the parlor, Violet, hope you enjoy your first day!!

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2020-04-05 18:58
What has Lena Paul done to make such a drastic change to her appearance? She is beauitful either way but looks much more healthy currently. Good job Lena!
2020-03-19 00:14
Long live the bush!!!!!!!!!!!
2020-02-16 14:18
Really loved this. The natural light on the girls' bodies, sunlight shining through their gorgeous bushes, facs in light then in shadow. Gorgeous.

The more I see of Violet, the more I want to see of her. She's so sweet and gentle and unassuming, that it makes it an absolute joy to see her enjoy herself the way she does. The pacing of the scene, slow and sensual and unhurried, really plays to her personality, and the way that Jade and Lena include her in their mutual seduction - after Lena's naked, and Jade's undressed down to her undiesm - is so absolutely how it should be done, with Violet in the middle, loving and being loved by both her partners. I can't wait to see more of this girl: even if she didn't have that magnificent body I'd want to see more of her, and the fact she IS built like a dream just makes it even more imperative she's booked for AGM and Girlsway as often as possible. She's special.
2020-02-15 21:15
love jadebaker fun sex
2020-02-12 05:00