Mom Keeps Touching Me

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Video Description: Emily Willis comes back home from a two-week vacation feeling rested. When she walks in the house and calls out to her dad he isn't home to greet her. When she hears footsteps coming toward the living room she assumes that it's her father but to her dismay, it's Ryan Keely, her dad's new wife. Ryan introduces herself, but Emily has things to do and can't be bothered with her. She rolls her eyes and leaves the room. A little later, Emily is studying for an exam in the living room. Ryan comes down the stairs carrying a massage table and is making a racket. She asks Emily if she has a minute to help her, but Emily tells her she's busy studying for an exam and brushes her off. Ryan asks her again saying that it will only take a minute. Emily rolls her eyes and gets up to help her. She sets up the table in the living room and tells Emily to go ahead and lie down. Emily reminds her that she's studying and doesn't have time for a massage right now. Ryan insists adding that she also has an exam to pass and if she helps her, she'll return the favor. Emily takes off her clothes and lies down, wanting to get this over with. As the massage progresses, it gets more sensual in nature. When Emily asks her what she's doing, Ryan confesses that the course she's taking is erotic in nature. Emily is impressed; she didn't realize her stepmom was so naughty! Ryan starts massaging Emily's pussy and asks her if she's ok with that. Emily grins saying that she is. It looks like this arrangement is going to benefit everyone involved, especially the girls!

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Outstanding. Ryan and Emily work exceptionally well together—from their realistic and confident dialogue to their rocking pussy fingering and licking and sucking and eating orgasms. Both are very attractive from their faces to their breasts and nipples through their wet, pink pussies to their round butts, long legs and cute feet. I love Ryan’s sexy short hair and Emilie’s thick, dark hair. When they are done devouring each others pussies their mouths are cover with each others wet, noticeable pussy juice. Their acting and dialogue is genuine. They are great together. This is a very sensual film. Would enjoy seeing them together over and over again. They both enjoy burying their faces in pussy. Top of the line job from all the Girlsway production team. My hat's off to all of you.
2020-10-27 11:08
Some great mommy talk in this one, like a bonus mommysgirl scene, very nice.
2019-11-12 22:08
Love it when Ryan slaps her butt. Soft butch/femme is the coolest.
2018-11-12 09:10
Dr. Alucard
Would like to see lots more of both these ladies. Lots lots more.
2018-11-07 15:49
Aussie Fan
Holy fuck this scene rocked, that was awesome. Emily is such a hottie I watch her on GW and she is an absolute babe but this scene I have to say is now my favourite with Emily. First time I have seen Ryan and wow, what a MILF, fucking loved her performance and she really was into the gorgeous Emily, eating that scrumptious pussy beautifully. That was top shelf girls Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS my first full scene on AGM and my first review, wooohooo!!
2018-10-07 07:41