Meeting Jada Stevens

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Video Description: It's Jada Stevens' first day on the set at All Girl Massage, and she's excited to work with Maddy O'Reilly for the first time. Whenever our models come in for the first time, we give them plenty of time to warm up, but today things went a little different. A warm-up isn't what Jada needs though, and before you know it what they really need is a cool down. Today we asked Jada to give a Lomi Lomi massage to Maddy. Maddy is surprised at how amazing Jada's technique feels, and knowing how excited they are to work with one another, the heat rises, and our models get a little carried away! We were so glad that we captured their rehearsal, because it ended up to be the hotter more natural version of the scene we shot after this! Watch them writhe against one another passionately, and eat each other's wet pussies like their apple a day!

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Kenneth M
This was different. But hey l like it.
2018-09-16 15:10
Well I liked this scene and I wouldn't mind seeing more of this style of shoot. Both models looked great and delivered a hot scene. Just a small quibble, though. This is not the first time they've worked together (they did a scene together on Brazzers over a year before this scene was released, and that's just one that I know about). Maybe that was just a bit of fiction to set up the scene.
2015-02-07 18:46
2014-06-17 22:51
Ms Bree Mills
Thanks for the feedback guys - I wanted to try something different with this scene, based on a few member fantasy scenarios asking for a reality style scene. I hear your comments loud and clear - and we won't shoot another scene like this again. We have a couple of bonus scenes scheduled in the next few weeks - I hope that can make up for those of you who were disappointed. xBree
2014-06-11 08:08
I didn't like any part of this scene. The set-up removed any chance of seduction. The actresses looked like they were going through the motions. In short, not what I have come to expect and not what I want to see in the future.
2014-06-11 00:36