Learning To Love Yourself

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Video Description: Lily Larimar arrives home from school. Her older sibling Kayley Gunner is hanging out in the living room with her friend, Jazmin Luv. Kayley and Jazmin both greet her, but Lily seems down and quickly runs off to her room. Kayley is concerned about Lily and wants to help her, but she has to go to work soon. Jazmin reassures Kayley that she can have a talk with Lily. After all, Jazmin has been friends with them for so long that she's almost like an older sibling to Lily too.

Jazmin goes to Lily's room and sees that Lily is lying dejectedly on her bed. Jazmin asks what's wrong, and Lily eventually opens up and admits that she's getting picked on at school for having small breasts. Jazmin sympathizes, being small-breasted herself and having always been compared to her curvy best friend Kayley growing up. She explains that it took time for her to learn to love herself and to understand that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes.

Lily asks how she can learn to love herself. Jazmin suggests that Lily can learn to fully appreciate her body by getting in touch with it completely, getting to know every inch of it. As a type of therapy/meditation exercise, Jazmin helps Lily feel better by praising her body and giving her a body rub, gently massaging her all over. At some point, Jazmin and Lily agree that this will work better without clothing in the way, so Lily strips down and the massage continues for several minutes, with the pleasure building until they decide to have sex as the ULTIMATE therapy.

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Finally, some more closeups. I just wished they would find or create a series that explicity focused on closeups - with lots of cunnilingus, pussy worship and tongue fucking. That way us fans could be on the lookout for those, as opposed to combing through all the new stuff.
2021-05-26 21:52
I'm there with ya, partner.

Watch The Oral Experiment scenes here on this site if you haven't already.
2021-05-26 23:48
This film is fucking hot !!! loved it !!!
2021-05-26 10:57
Others have mentioned the problems but before going into that, let me just say both women are gorgeous.

- the dialog, it’s very poor, especially from Jazmin, it’s not her fault, it’s the writers fault, and it comes off just like an after school special, or some sort of speech a self-help person would give at a small conference or something. Bubblegum, trite, cookie cutter nonsense.

- 03:23 Massage starts. Possibly one of the worst and least erotic massages in AGM history. A hand massage and a shin massage. And even with the shin massage, Lily has amazing feet, someone earlier mentioned how both of these women have done foot fetish work during their come up … and during the shin massage, Donnie, the director, or his cameraperson Andy Zane, choose to just focus on Lily’s shins. Her shins! (And she lightly rubs her fingers up and down the shins and legs – it’s not even a massage, it’s a light caress.)

- 12:41 this “massage” continues, fully clothed, for about nine minutes, and it’s just now, nearly twelve minutes into a 32 minute scene that we begin to see Lily’s nude body revealed.

This should have been twelve minutes of erotic massage, fully nude, showing off Lily’s beautiful body in all it’s glory.

Jazmin then squeezes Lily’s breasts for a bit to finish the massage.

- 16:20 Now, with less than half the film left, Jasmin begins to get undressed.

Oral is good enough, Lily doesn’t oversell it. Hot. Then at the first lap of her breast Jazmin goes into overdrive, acting as though she’s already cumming. Where’s the direction?

There’s only 07:00 minutes left of the scene and Jazmin just now started receiving oral and they’re going to trib yet too. Rushed.

- Rapid zooms, hard pans, odd jerks up and down to get something in view, and this – cutting the women into disjointed body parts.
2021-05-25 08:02
get a life
2021-06-17 23:49
Why Adult Time, why? :( Two beautiful woman, you release a 4k download but the color sucks and most of the video is out of focus.

Even with the shitty video quality I was into the sex until Jazmin starts with the "I'm cumming" bullshit -- really? I'm fine with that kind of dialog when it seems real but this was just more performative bullshit. It got even louder and more annoying with the tribbing. Please tell me this isn't intentional.

Fuck! I... can't... even... :(
2021-05-24 17:57
The start sounded like a PSA about body positivity or a after school special. Both ladies came out of the foot worship show some foot action would have been helpful but it hard to go wrong with 2 young nubile ladies. Just say no to body shame!!!!!!!!!!
2021-05-24 12:42