Lady Facial

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Video Description: Abby Cross walks into the the All Girl Massage interested in their new Lady Facial special treatment. Veronica Vain takes one good look at the blonde haired bombshell that just walked in and immediately accepts her as a client. Abby removes all her clothing and lays herself on the massage table, prepared for her special facial. Veronica preps her client with a smooth rub down on her back, butt, legs and feet. Abby turns herself around and Veronica continues to rub Abby's luscious boobs gently until it is time for the most organic facial Abby has ever experienced. Veronica makes sure that her clients eyes are closed as she spreads her pussy lips apart and instructs Abby to open her mouth and to feel the softness of her moist and gentle pussy, obliviously. Veronica moans as she fingers her tight pussy cautioning Abby for a huge facial spray of her warm juices expelling energetically in lesbian bliss. Abby opens her eyes and in awe she joins in on the fun as they engage in a multiple squirting lesbian experience. She's a very satisfied customer!

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Plz bring back Veronica Vain! Cute & hot!
2018-12-08 18:43
Wow just wow, wish hey application part lasted longer, but otherwise the best scene in years.
2017-11-12 17:13
Abby Cross is awesome!
2016-12-07 22:29
2016-11-03 16:24
Idyllic setting with birds chirping happily, creating a perfect ambience for a relaxing massage.
Veronica managed to provided enough details of the process, so Abby felt assured that she could lay back and close her eyes with total confidence in her masseuse.
When Abby had experienced her initial facial and was alarmed to see Veronica's applicator hovering above her face, Veronica immediately sensed her unease and scooted off her and latched on to Abby's labia thus refocusing her client's attention on the all-consuming pleasure of the massage experience rather than the mild shock of discovering her masseuse's squirt was the proprietary magic formula.
Intense licking and rimming by Veronica had Abby feeling comfortable now, enough to reciprocate with her tongue and show how much she appreciated her masseuse's efforts by giving her a couple of gratuity orgasms.
A great scene with a very attractive cast, an absorbing script delivered with aplomb; and plenty of raunchy, hot sex.
Excellent entertainment AGM.
2016-10-28 08:09