Just Good Friends

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Video Description: The big-breasted hottie, Mia, needs to relax. After a long day satisfying horny guys at the Nuru Massage Parlor, she fantasizes about a long relaxing shower. She gets in there and starts playing with herself to wind down. Just as she starts getting into it, her beautiful co-worker, Jackie, gets naked and enters the shower with her. They both want the same thing - the gentle feel of a woman's touch and the release of climaxing. After the hot wet shower, they pour Nuru gel all over each other. Mia gives extra attention to Jackie's pussy until she cums. Then Jackie takes care of Mia until she also climaxes. After all their stress is relieved by great orgasms, they take out the sex toys and go at it again.

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Lovely, the two girls. I enjoyed every moment as they enjoyed touching, caressing every corner of their bodies; they really had such a pleasure of togetherness . . .
2014-07-10 16:55