I've Never Had a Massage

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Video Description: Lilly Evans has never had a massage before but her lesbian friend told her about this massage parlor. Tegan Summers knew she could provide Lilly with the services she was looking for. Lilly took her clothes off to get comfortable on the massage table where Tegan adjusted her towel to cover only a sliver of her ass. Tegan started by rubbing oil on the young brunettes back, down the length of her long perfect legs. Tegan told Lilly to stay put as she took off her robe to show off a tight little body with pink bra and black panties. The naughty masseuse gave Lilly a little kiss to which she responded well, so she brought out a toy that would fit perfectly in her pussy and vibrate on her clit. Lilly's payment for the massage was to eat Tegan's pussy until she had an orgasm. They licked the toy that was wet with Lilly's cum then parted ways.

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what is the point of keeping that towel on her and not letting us examine that precious mound and backside? you guys all seem to find a way to fuck shit up!
2017-07-03 07:20