It's A Canadian Thing

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Video Description: Janessa Jordan just moved with her husband from Canada and needed to test out a new massage parlor. Dani Daniels was ready to take care of her body, the American way. Janessa undressed, wrapped herself in a towel, and got comfortable on the massage bed. Her client was ticklish, so Dani had to be gentle as her hands worked up in between Janessa's legs. She put her lips around Janessa's nipples until they were hard and perky. Dani was so good with her tongue as she licked Janessa's pussy, so she returned the favor by having her bend over and sucked on her asshole before moving to her clit. They rubbed each others pussies together until they both orgasmed on each other. This Canadian girl was more experienced than she knew.

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if cinema prono were like that boring shit it wouldn’t be worth watching anything
2021-02-05 12:03
LOL! Janessa Jordan rips one at the 5:04 mark. Kudos to crew and Dani for acting like nothing happened and carrying on. Jordan couldnt help but giggle.
2014-07-02 14:42