Internal Ass Massage

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Video Description: Burlesque dancers Adriana Chechik and Samantha Bentley have had an amazing evening at work, but Adriana's Back has been killing her. Samantha has been waiting for her first chance to get Adriana out of her corset, and under her oily hands for a massage for quite some time. Adriana lies on the couch, and Samantha climbs on her, to start her massage. Soon Samantha's top is off too, and the massage is well underway massaging Adriana's shoulders and back, making her way down to her ass where most of the tension seems to be stemming from. Before long, it's clear that Adriana's release can only come from some internal massage, Samantha takes her time, showing Adriana the technique and soon Samantha's tongue and fist are deep inside Adriana's gaping asshole massaging the tight muscles around her spine from within her ass. Adriana's wet pussy gets eaten out at the same time, and then it's Adriana's turn to give Samantha the same internal ass massage while eating her pussy to climax.

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Guh....get rid of the annoying ass music
2015-12-08 02:22
I know this type of scene is a little controversial, but I thought it was excellent..
2014-08-01 16:05
I liked the scene, except for the spitting, which I never like.
2014-06-12 16:32
Nope. Do it occasionally for those who want it and I'll stay. Make it the usual and I'm outta here!
2014-06-04 13:23
Ms Bree Mills
Thanks for your feedback - and don't worry, our plan is not to go full anal hardcore :) This was just a taste for those among our community who enjoy it. xBree
2014-06-05 10:20
Completely agreed with the previous comment: this shouldn't be the line of this site's scenes. Another thing: what about lesbian scenes in Nuru massage? A lot of weeks without one.
2014-06-03 05:20
Ms Bree Mills
Thanks for your feedback, as always - we have a lesbian scene coming up this week on Nuru, starring Vanessa Veracruz and Rilynn Rae. It will be release on Friday, June 6th! xBree
2014-06-03 10:14
Do you want to say that garbage with strap-on? No, I asked about "lesbian" scenes on Nuru Massage.
2014-06-04 14:49
Man, that is one hot scene, I gotta say. I wasn't sure how the set-up and the strap-on part was going to work, but it was really good. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Vanessa had rolled Rilynn onto her back and done her missionarily, with the same camera angles, instead of that 'spooning' position, or whatever it's called.
2014-06-17 18:15