Impressing The Boss

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Video Description: Ryan Keely, the owner of a massage parlor, drops by the parlor to see how intern Codey Steele's first week on the job is going. He says it's going great, but has a few questions about how a typical massage works. Ryan is happy to help, saying that she'll guide him through massaging her. She leads him into a massage room. In the massage room, Ryan easily strips down in front of him, giving him a great view of her heavenly body. He's flustered, trying to look away from her to give her privacy, although he sneaks looks back at her.

She then saunters over to the massage table and lays down on her front. She tells him that there's tension in her shoulders. He takes the cue and begins massaging her. He tries to remain professional as she moans, complimenting him on his strong hands. She's clearly enjoying herself.

He works his way down her body to her lower back, Ryan's moans getting a little louder still. His hands hover just above her ass. The hesitation is just long enough for Ryan to notice as she looks up again and asks what's stopping him? Codey says he's not sure about massaging her... posterior. Ryan tells him that this is supposed to be a FULL-BODY massage. Is he always this shy? He admits that he is. Ryan tells him he'll need to get over it if he hopes to find employment as a masseur. Out of fear of disobeying his boss, Codey instantly claps his hands over Ryan's butt. She gasps. He resumes the massage, paying lots of attention to her butt. Ryan loves the attention and moans loudly. But soon, things start to get a little intense for Codey and he asks Ryan to roll over so that he can massage her front.

She rolls over and Codey begins massaging Ryan's shoulders. His eyes keep falling down to her amazing tits. As he begins to massage her breasts, Codey really starts getting into the massage, and Ryan is clearly aroused by this point. When Codey's hand approaches her pussy, instead of hesitating, he boldly palms his boss' pussy. She moans her approval, saying that NOW he gets it!

But Codey is just getting started on Ryan, and this intern is determined to do WHATEVER it takes to impress his boss...

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Ryan your the best I would not mind working for you yes I love it
2019-03-30 02:43
Daty Bud 2
Ryan is so hot.... Love her in ALL GIRL scenes...
2019-03-29 07:59
Ryan is so fucking hot she will be in my favorites
2019-03-28 06:52
I’d like seeing RK in the young/older lesbian videos.
2019-03-27 19:42
willy204 - user_23586951
I love the line "'s good ..just treat my any other client..." as she peels off her skin tight dress and a sexy set of lingerie revealing that incredible succulent hunk of woman flesh! How the hell did he not have a raging tool even at that point! What a body! What a woman! Whew! Loved that! Ryan is a consummate professional and she was superb in every segment of this shoot! How she writhed on the table while being fingered. How easily she deep throated him many times! Ryan is one erotic actress!
2019-03-27 15:34