I'm Finally Here

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Video Description: All of Ashley's friends were regular visitors to this massage parlor so finally she decided to give it a shot and made an appointment with Asa. Asa led her to the massage room and had her get undressed and relax on the table. As Asa began the massage she focused her attention on Ashley's inner thighs. She then let her hands slide up her thighs and being massaging Ashley's sweet ass. As Ashley rolled over onto her back her towel fell off. She said she didn't need it and even asked Asa if she would get naked. Asa pulled off her clothes and got to the good part of the massage. She started rubbing Ashley's tits then leaned in and kissed her. That opened up the flood gates. Ashley pulled Asa down on top of her and got her into a hot 69 so both girls could lick each other's pussies. Asa used her very talented tongue and fingers to make Ashley cum then she ground her pussy into Ashley's face and let her chow down until Asa came all over her mouth. It was the best massage Ashley had ever had.

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Ya'll do a lot of the up their skirt shot of the lady's pussy and ass while being massaged on her legs. Go ahead and massages that pussy and ass while seducing her before she turns over and after too. Let the lady client get turned on and make it obvious to the lady massaging her!! Love your sexy Ladies!!
2015-01-01 15:48
I love to see Asa! With a perfect body, perfect breasts, perfect legs, she acts also perfectly as masseuse. What a pleasure to see how she enjoys it all as well! Thank you, Asa! . . . n ot forgetting the other girls as well!
2014-07-08 10:00