I Thought You Were Straight??

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Video Description: Kali Roses is lounging in the living room on her phone when her roommate Aria Banks arrives home. Aria looks exhausted and has a gym bag with her. Kali cheerfully greets Aria as Aria complains about how sore she is from the gym, adding that her trainer worked her out HARD.

Kali offers Aria a massage, which she accepts after a moment of hesitation.

Aria joins Kali on the couch. Kali begins massaging Aria's shoulders, turning it into a lengthy massage. Aria eventually relaxes, moaning about how GOOD Kali's hands feel. Kali is a bit flustered, liking the attention. Meanwhile, Aria seems to be getting more and more swept away in the massage, closing her eyes in pleasure.

As the massage progresses, with the tension mounting, Kali asks Aria to take off her clothes, so that she can massage her with more ease. Aria agrees.

With Kali massaging her naked body, Aria accidentally lets it slip that she is getting aroused and is embarrassed. She apologizes, thinking she might freak Kali out. There's general confusion as they both admit to thinking the other's straight, although this isn't the case.

Now that THAT'S been cleared up, it's time for these ladies to have some fun!

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Kali's sweet beautiful big ass should have been rimmed. Among other things...this scene was a waste! Bring her back!!!
2021-10-14 16:49
That scene sucked but love kali bubbly but
2021-09-20 00:46
i love Kali's new look...... hehe
2021-08-27 07:16
A lot of the comments below are entirely out of line and extremely rude. Both of the girls are super hot! Kali has always been a favorite and she looks really hot as always!
2021-08-23 09:00
The amount of insufferable comments on every new video is getting so cringe worthy that I think its about time something gets done about it. Beat your dick. Zip up. and move on. Nobody gives a fuck about your dog shit unprofessional never worked a day in the adult film industry opinions.
2021-08-13 07:41