I Think She Likes Girls

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Starring Layla Rose, Gia Grace
Video Description: Layla Rose's boyfriend wanted her to do a threesome with another girl so he paid for Gia Grace to give her a girl-on-girl massage. Layla was a little nervous and shy to get started, but she warmed up quickly to the seductive massage. This was a ploy to get Layla to try new things, and she said that she's willing to anything to make her boyfriend happy. Gia worked her way up Layla's thighs until she was rubbing her ass and feeling the warmth in between her legs. Both girls were getting wet and turned on. They massaged each other until they couldn't resist eachother. Gia massaged Layla's wet pussy with her mouth and slid her fingers in and out of her until both girls were dripping wet.

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1 comment

This could have been a much hotter scene with a little more but and pussy massage in the seduction area of the massage while still on her face and then nude on the breasts and pussy.. Still a sexy scene!
2015-01-01 15:33