I Hate My Boyfriend

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Video Description: When Brandi Blunt wants to take a break from her annoying boyfriend, she knows a lesbian Nuru Massage is the best way to go! Today she shows up at the spa for some relaxing therapy from gorgeous brunette masseuse Raven Rockette. The girls slowly undress each other and take a moment to admire the innate beauty of the female form before sharing an intimate massage session filled with wet kisses and the warm embrace of trained hands gliding over a perfectly oiled partner. Oil isnt the most slipperly substance in this vignette as you can see when Brandi begins to fondle her pussy to provide sweet glistening natural lube from her tight hot pussy! In a rare show of compassion, the massage client turns out to be the one delivering most of the passionate treatment during this amazing XXX Nuru Massage video, as Brandi brings Raven Rockette to the brink of her best orgasm ever captured on camera!

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Video keep crashing every 10 seconds but it is watchable if downlaoding it first but still keep cropping jamming.. rendering seem to be failed and video should reuplaod
2021-04-11 16:52
Video is corrupt
2019-09-20 13:56
So pleasing to see the two lovely bodies! It's all so natural their behavior . . . .
2014-06-26 09:14