Here Comes the Bride: Part One

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Video Description: Bride to be Abigail Mac shows maid of honor and best friend Natasha Voya where the magic of her wedding will happen. They walk around the grounds mesmerized by the beauty and scenery. Abigail shows Natasha the master bedroom with a gorgeous hot tub that the bride to be can't wait to step into. Feeling overwhelmed with everything, Abigail lays in the bathtub begging Natasha to massage her body with oil. A good friend, Natasha complies to her demands, reassuring Abigail that all is in order regarding the wedding and to just relax. Natasha rubs Abigail's chest and neck, gently circling over her friend's huge boobs and nipples, but this isn't enough for Abigail. She spreads her legs wide open for Natasha to view her beautiful shaved pussy craving her friend's touch on the inside of her thighs. Natasha cannot keep her eyes away from her friends pussy, Abigail tempting her with her seductive tone. Abigail lures Natasha into her lesbian fantasy, and will not stop until her pussy is eaten, fingered and sexually satisfied!

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that was hot the way she got her to go down on
2016-02-18 23:46
Both ladies are extremely sexy and absolutely gorgeous :-)
2015-12-05 12:51
Lucy J.
VERY happy to see these two finally back together after a whole year! and in TWO PARTS! hope you're getting fired up for the 3some coming up mid November!
2015-11-06 08:33
This a Sexy HOT Scene!! Do more girl/girl PLEASE!!
2015-11-04 18:23
69 guys please always 69 :/
2015-11-02 17:46