Her First Bolster

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Video Description: Eliza Ibarra, a massage therapist, gives a warm welcome to Gabbie Carter, who has arrived for an appointment. Gabbie says that her legs are sore, and wonders what treatment is best for her. Eliza suggests several massage options, but Gabbie admits that she's having trouble choosing from so many unfamiliar massage types. Gabbie asks if Eliza has a particular recommendation, and Eliza says that the bolster massage would be great for her. Gabbie eagerly agrees to give it a try.

They enter the private massage room, which is a peaceful sanctuary with soothing music. Gabbie undresses and lies down on her back on the massage table, with the bolster lifting her thighs. Eliza slowly and sensually massages Gabbie's beautiful thighs, then moves the bolster further down so that she can give Gabbie's calves and feet some attention. She massages Gabbie's upper body as well, including her curvy breasts.

Eventually, Gabbie turns over so that she's lying down on her front, with the bolster lifting her gorgeous ass. Eliza's skilled hands lavish lots of attention upon Gabbie's butt and legs. After some time, Gabbie gratefully says that the massage feels amazing. Eliza suggestively offers to help her feel even better, and Gabbie accepts. Eliza rubs Gabbie's pussy and licks her asshole, and eventually she undresses for further pleasure, including getting her own turn on the bolster. Looks like the bolster massage is indeed the perfect treatment!

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the first scene with Gabbie here, and you make us wait til September ??? That's mean ;)
2021-07-28 05:37
Dam Gabbie's BOOBS Are HUGE I got to see this Eliza is HOTT Can't Wait...
2021-07-28 01:02
Glad to see Gabbie finally show up here. Home she stays around.
2021-07-24 04:35
Winnie the Pooh
Oh, my god! I love bolster scenes! And I am crazy about Eliza! I wanna watch it ssso bad!
2021-07-20 15:10
Looks like great. As biggest fan of 69ing I am very happy to see 69ing. There are nothing better and hotter as to see long views at divine spreading wide open girls butt during 69ing!!!

Thanks a lot. All the best. Have a very nice and healthy time.
2021-07-19 21:27