Gym Perks

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Video Description: Jenna Foxx is thrilled to be working with the nation's top trainer, Jayden Cole. The thing is, it's not just the training that's invigorating Jenna. She can't stop looking at Jayden and is in utter disbelief that she's in the same room with such a beauty. When they finish the workout, Jenna tells Jayden that she's never worked out that hard before; she's actually sore! Jayden tells her that they actually have a massage parlor in the gym and if she likes she could book an appointment right away. Jenna is thrilled and takes Jenna up on her offer. Jayden asks Jenna to take off her clothes and lie down. As Jenna undresses Jayden enjoys the view admiring her naked body. Jenna lies down as Jayden pours oil on her body and starts working on her legs. When Jayden gets close to her ass, Jenna spreads her legs open adding that she's just trying to be helpful. Jayden works on her inner thighs and asks her to turn around and lie on her back so she can work the other side. Jenna happily agrees and she turns over and spreads her legs to make sure Jayden can get to those hard to reach areas. Jayden works on her inner thighs before moving up to her stomach and breasts. Jenna smiles and tells Jayden playfully that she doesn't have to be shy. When Jayden asks her what she means. Jenna replies that her pussy could use some massaging as well. Jayden admires her forwardness and complies to her demands giving her exactly what she wants and more!

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Really enjoyed this!!! Please get both these girls back if they'll come esp Jenna Fox but they are both really sexy and sensuous!
2018-11-11 21:09
Jenna Foxx is Smokin Hott as usual and so is the red head. I have to say that this is "THE HOTTEST MASSAGE VIDEO" I've ever seen on A.G.M. PLEASE bring back Jenna for a lot more Top Shelf sex action. & TY All Girl Massage. Your sites are THE BEST; db
2018-08-01 19:05
DOH! Nuts
Loved the slow sensual interaction here. Extended pussy massage with both ladies looking on purring with delight was so hot.
Hitting a rich vein of form in the All Girl massage parlor right now - latest scenes have been spectacular.
2018-07-30 19:34
Super sexy Pairing, love both Girls !!!
2018-07-25 05:13
Another Can't Wait Scene
2018-07-14 12:07