Giving The Wrong Impression

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Video Description: Laney Grey and Khloe Kapri, two teen friends, are busy studying and have been for HOURS. Finally, Khloe can't take it anymore, so they take a break to relax a bit. Of course, being hunched over study materials for so long has left them feeling a bit stiff, especially Khloe. In fact, Khloe is so uncomfortable that Laney offers a friendly massage, which she's quick to accept.

When Laney starts to knead her fingers into Khloe's tense shoulders, she becomes a bit flustered as Khloe lets out a rather erotic moan. Laney keeps pushing through, growing more and more confused by Khloe's arousing reactions. It seems like the longer she massages, the louder Khloe's moans become. It feels like she's throwing hints to Laney, but that couldn't be right -- even though Khloe knows Laney's a lesbian, she herself is straight!

Since Laney's all riled, she decides to take a chance. She slides her hands down over Khloe's breasts but is shocked when Khloe calls her out on it. There's general confusion as Laney admits that she thought Khloe was giving her sexy signals. Laney is embarrassed but then even more shocked when Khloe admits that now she's curious...

Instead of studying their books, they study each other's beautiful bodies as they strip down. The heat between them builds as they caress each other all over. By the time Laney has her tongue deep inside Khloe's pussy, Khloe is over the moon with pleasure. Maybe Khloe's not so straight after all!

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I have viewed alot of lesbian and girl/girl content. Looks like scene is well received. I would add that it is underrated. A really well done scene Laney, Khloe and gw production team. Also, mutual orgasm at around 18:35 mark is as authentically intense as it is so simple and natural. Cheers all!
2021-04-26 00:07
That was such a good scene from beginning to end. These two girls were unbelievably cute together. Something about laney grey is just amazing.
2021-02-27 15:30
Always say it, but I love love love Laney....she's so cute, and her acting is second to none! Not come across Khloe before, but it looked like she really enjoyed herself in a genuine way....looked like she particularly like having Laney's gorgeous bum smother her face during that epic 69!! Fantastic scene people! Thank you!!!!
2021-01-21 06:36
I like Khloe Kapri! She has a comfy 'girl next door' look about her. Match her with any other cute girl and feel the chemistry
each time. I think she catches us off guard and takes us for a ride. Much more Khloe, please!
Laney Grey has a good girl vibe but she delivers with a naughty attitude. Great pairing and storyline.
2020-12-20 10:27
Could not agree more. Khloe has (and camera captures!) the sexy naughty innocent eyes her partners, fans and viewers find irresistible.
2021-04-26 00:15
I would so love to feel Laney Grey’s pussy cum all on my tongue!!
2020-11-25 22:42