Full Service Exchange

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Video Description: Mia Malkova's been having a kind of rough and slow day. As an experienced masseuse she's very open to new experiences, and chance encounters. They say you make your luck when your heart is open to every opportunity. That is exactly how Mia and Alex live their lives, taking it by the reigns and making sure that they don't miss even one potential chance at what life has to offer. Alex shows up with her flyers for her new pole dancing classes. A big trend now, given that women are looking for new ways to embrace their bodies and get exercise at the same time. Mia shows her interest, and Alex suggests they exchange the class for a massage. Mia's 100% on board. When she shows up to Alex's place, she wasn't expecting what followed, though, anyone with her lesbian mindset can be pleasantly surprised when any lesbian experience happens. Alex lays her lap dance on Mia, showing her all the moves. Mia can hardly contain herself. She wonders what could happen next, but before you know it, all their tight clothing is peeled off and instead of a lesbian lap dance or a simple all girl massage they're sucking one another's breasts and pulling their soft lesbian bodies closer together all at the same time. When they find themselves hornier than they had expected, Mia lays Alex back on her leather chair to massage her little pink lesbian clit with her expert tongue. This full service exchange is not over yet, and before their thigh busting orgasms they show each other the true meaning of a full exchange, copying one another through every horny position, giving one another the lesbian exchange they were both hungry for from the moment they met.

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Alex and Mia done a wonderful job in this video,, Please do more Lesbian Lap Dances!
2020-04-18 08:57
Two such beautiful women in great action. LOved the pole-dace; did not miss the massage one bit. Fantastic!
2019-06-08 07:04
One of my favorite scenes of the year. No idea how many times I've replayed this one.
2016-10-12 12:56
How long has Ray Charles been your makeup artist? Alex Grey looks ludicrous.
2016-09-28 20:55
Both girls were really good....loved their shaved pussies....it would be great to see more of alex....she has an awesome body
2016-08-06 02:07