For Old Times Sake

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Video Description: Kodi is a masseuse who invited her friend Page in for a free massage. Page had been telling her what a stressful month she had been having and she wanted to help her relax. Kodi tells Page to get naked then as she starts to cover up with a towel Kodi tells her they are good friends, there is no need for her to be shy. Kodi goes to work massaging Page and focuses on her nice tits as the girls talk about the crazy stuff they used to do in college. Page asks Kodi if she will get naked and Kodi is so eager to strip that she nearly tears her own clothes off. The two girls start kissing then Kodi drags her tongue down Page's body and licks her pussy. Kodi knows how to eat a girl's pussy so she has Page moaning with pleasure and cumming hard in no time. Page wants to return the favor so she pulls Kodi onto her and buries her tongue in Kodi's wet slice. Kodi is so wet and excited she cums all over Page's face. The two hot girls then roll into a sexy 69 and continue to tease and please each other. Page can feel her stress just melting away.

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