First Time For Everything

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Video Description: Eager client Cassidy Klein visits the beautiful Trinity St-Clair for a relaxing All Girl Massage and hopefully more. Cassidy undresses in front of her masseuse, proud of her sleek, sexy figure. Trinity is a little taken back at Cassidy's excitement and begins her massage. Trinity gently rub's her clients back, thighs, legs and watches in awe as Cassidy moans sexually. Cassidy asks Trinity to rub higher between her thighs when it hits Trinity that Cassidy expects more than just a regular massage. Trinity gives Cassidy the option to either leave or finish what she started, but Cassidy seduces her with a luscious kiss.

The lesbian lovers kiss passionately, and Trinity lays on the massage bed, spreads her legs open for Cassidy to taste her sweet, shaved pussy. Trinity moans in pure delight, her orgasm grows stronger as Cassidy rubs her pussy lips vigorously. Cassidy straddles over Trinity's face, her sexual thrill overbearing in euphoric bliss. They switch to a 69 position , each devouring their warm, wet pussies with Trinity screaming with happiness, squirting over Cassidy's mouth and ending their lesbian massage session in a tribbing sex-capade.

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Trinity tells Cassidy "Im not gay but my ex-wife is..." lmao. What the hell statement is that? That was a corny borderline dumb statement.Apparently you're gay enough to marry a woman haha.
Thank goodness the 2 chics were hot & the scene was hot as well cuz that statement made no sense lol
2018-01-24 07:54
When you put two great girls together who are totally synched to each other, this is what you get. Just awesome. Funny, cute and hot as all fuck.

Add my name to the drive to get more scenes for Trinity: the girl is stunningly beautiful, funny as heck, and NEVER puts out less than 100 %.
2017-11-21 19:53