Fear of Touch

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Video Description: Jayme Langford's therapist thinks the best way for her to deal with her fear of being touched is to get a hands on massage. Massage therapist Karlie Montana promises to be gentle and make Jayme's visit as comfortable as possible. Karlie leaves the room allowing Jayme to undress privately, but she sneaks in a quick glance from afar, unnoticed. Karlie tries to soothe her fearful client but Jayme is caught in a panic unable to help herself from screaming in angst. Karlie touches Jayme's feet, thighs, butt and boobs, rewarding Jayme for her outstanding courage. Jayme reveals that she's never been touched, kissed or has had sexual intercourse because of her phobia. Karlie takes the initiative to spread Jayme's thighs apart and show this virgin what it feels like to have a lesbian orgasm! Jayme allows Karlie to gently rub the outside of her pussy nurturing a deep sexual intensity within her loins, her pussy becoming more and more wet as she experiences her first lesbian orgasm. Jayme kisses Karlie on her lips, wanting more of this new and exciting feeling, leading up to her first time eating out another girl's pussy and engaging in a deep and sensual 69 position, breaking her free from all her past inhibitions!

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Dumb plot, who would schedule a message if feared touching uuuuummmm dumb
2021-03-14 21:50
Are you kidding me? The women were good, but lets break this down. Again, no place to put clothes. Again, no towel for someone that cant be touched, sure loves to show it all. Again, no seduction. That would have been better with a mother trying to ease her daughter into being touched. And for those who dont like that, then a friend trying to ease her friend about touch...all with some sort of seduction! Or white cotton panties and let the oil do the work, do the revealing of the pussy and ass! lets use some imagination..the idea was great, the production was not thought through.
2016-02-15 15:55
Karlie's great shape can not be denied... WOW her Fine behind and great curves are so sexy. More AGM like this please!!
2016-02-15 05:14
Did I hear 'changing lives one massage at a time' at the end there? With those oily healing hands Karlie you're a saint and just watching you transform these troubled women's lives is inspiring to us all.
I love your AGM scenes, they're guaranteed memorable and I am always excited when you're cast. You are a natural both as masseuse and client. I'm doing all this dribbling just from the trailer, I can't wait to see the full scene!
2016-01-29 00:32
Totally agree. she has become one of, if not my all time favorite Actors.
2016-02-14 14:29