Erogenous Strokes

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Video Description: Its Eva Lovia's first day on the job and she's eager to get things started. Scarlett Sage needs to let her know that she's got some places on her body that are really sensitive. Eva nods and asks her to get ready, as Scarlett undresses in front of her and lies on the table. The massage begins as Eva prompts her for some info. She finally reveals her concern about the fact that if she's touched in specific places, she has an immediate orgasm.

She touches her leg and Scarlett can't help reacting, she gets turned on immediately, it's one of her special spots. But Eva insists that she has knots there and it needs to be worked on in order for the stress to be relieved. Scarlett can't help it, she starts cumming immediately. She tells her she shouldn't have done that, but Eva can see she's more relaxed and tells her that maybe she should just lay back and let the masseuse do what she does best.

Scarlett isn't sure about this but Eva keeps massaging her insisting that she'll be fine. She's never had anyone work on her ass like that and realizes that she really likes it. Eva asks her turn over and reaches for her pussy. Touching it, she makes her cum immediately. Scarlett is still hesitating, seeing this Eva thinks that maybe if she gets naked too, then her client will be more comfortable. Eva gives her the full experience as she goes down on her and begins to eat her perfect pussy. Scarlett hesitates, but can't help feel the pleasure coursing through her body. She finally gives in to it as they kiss and rub against each other's bodies. Taking turns they set out to explore all those erogenous zones!

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The shots of Eva's beautiful ass in this scene were pure perfection. She has one of the prettiest faces to begin with and then those curves just make her even more beautiful. Scarlett was fantastic as well.
2018-03-26 08:51
DOH! Nuts
Hello Lucy: I enjoyed this scene but was this story based on The Sensitive Piercings? I saw a similar story called that submitted to GW forum and found it here in AGM thread too where the piercings got touched and set the client off and had her very aroused.
I ask because I liked the idea of piercings being central. I was not sure if that scene would be used in future. Or if AGM do not want to use piercings scenes for some reason? Otherwise I might try and write a scene with girls who are pierced for future consideration. What do you think?
Les B.
2018-01-14 08:47
Decent Vanilla scene
2017-12-06 20:13
I love Eva's gorgeous full curves and the way she uses them in her AGM scenes!!! I would to see more of her with full breasted Ladies.. FINE scene AGM and Ladies....
2017-12-05 07:34
scarlett has the fastest tongue in the west. she seems to love her job the world needs more please. how ever the scene was at least 10 minutes short otherwise excellent
2017-12-04 00:50