Does My Sister Know?

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Video Description: Ashley Aleigh can't wait to be done her shift at the massage parlor so that she can spend some quality time with her girlfriend. Fortunately, she only has one more client left for the day... but when Lily Glee steps in, Ashley knows that this isn't going to be a straightforward appointment!

Lily instantly recognizes Ashley as her sister's roommate. Of course, unbeknownst to Lily, Ashley is secretly her sister's girlfriend!

Ashley's afraid of accidentally outing the relationship, so she tries to get Lily to accept a massage from someone else but Lily holds firm. Although she's reluctant, Ashley gives in to maintain her professionalism. However, that professionalism is soon thrown right out the window when she gives Lily's breasts a good rub, which leads to Lily teasingly calling her out as a lesbian.

Ashley doesn't deny it, which leads to Lily figuring out that Ashley and her own sister are lesbians -- together! Although Lily's surprised, she ALSO wants to know what it's like being a lesbian... So now is the perfect time to get a happy ending from Ashley. Since Ashley is already worked up because of the encounter, and wanting to stay on good terms with Lily, she easily gives into the request.

Ashley starts by eating out Lily's pussy, leaving her wanting more. Unable to contain her excitement for the new experience, Lily sucks on Ashley's breasts and gets a taste of her pussy, too, which leads to a sensual tryst. Maybe Lily's more of a lesbian than she knows!

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This acting is legendarily bad. Not that I enjoyed it any less.
2020-05-17 08:35
I Love Lily Glee
2020-03-27 13:20
There's nothing erotic about this. I'm out...after 5 minutes!
2020-03-25 22:45
looked to me that the "non-lesbian" has much better skills than the "real lesbian", just sayin.
2020-03-24 11:23
Aussie Fan
I think this is the first time I've seen these two girls and I loved their enthusiasm in eating each other out and the rim jobs were really good. Loved Ashley's trash talk and delivery and I especially loved the contrast, the petite Lily laying on top of the larger and silky smooth velvet tones of the exceptional Ashley. Thank you Ladies, I do hope we get to see you both in more GG scenes on GW.
2020-03-24 06:53