Desperate Realtor

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Video Description: Realtor Adriana Chechik gives her client Darcie Dolce a tour of a house. Upon entering the living room, Adriana enthusiastically points out some attractive features, telling Darcie that the moldings were just redone. Darcie seems to like what she's seeing... until she's shown an odd room that doubles as a massage parlor.

Adriana is desperate to move the house. It keeps getting passed up because of the massage parlor and it seems like Darcie might do the same. This time, Adriana's prepared, stating that it's really easy for Darcie to take up massage therapy and make some money on the side. So easy, in fact, that even Adriana took classes so that she can demonstrate!

Although Darcie is skeptical, she agrees to let Adriana massage her since she's trying so hard. Adriana is eager to please, doing everything she can to relax Darcie and win her over. She makes sure to pay special attention to Darcie's breasts, working her just right to get her hot and bothered... Once Darcie is putty in her hands and ready for more, she goes all in, rounding the massage off with a nice happy ending.

Darcie has absolutely no complaints as Adriana starts by bending her and eating out her pussy. As soon as she can, Darcie is quick to return the favor, both of the gorgeous women taking turns flipping each other over on the massage table. As Adrian works her client up into a lustful frenzy, all she can hope is that getting those massage classes to help shift the house will finally pay off!

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Oh the times when Adriana Chechik had long hair! These 2 were meant to be together. Absolutely Darcis best scene in her lesbian scenes ever.
2021-07-26 16:59
1st time seeing Darcie get into a scene
2021-06-16 13:43
GOOD…because of beautiful Adriana and beautiful Darcie. They have very attractive faces and perfect, natural, trim bodies with absolutely very appetizing, wet, pink pussies and cute, clean butt-hole. They have cute round asses and shapely, trim thighs and calves. Their tongues are long and wet. I have to admit usually Darcie leaves me disappointed. She seldom stayed focused on the other woman’s pussy long enough to get her off. That was the case with Darcie in this scene. Adriana asked Darcie to keep her mouth on her pussy, but Darcie didn’t and Adriana didn’t cum. And Adriana usually cum quickly and often. Adriana did spend time licking Darcie’s ass hole, but, unfortunately, Darcie didn’t return the favor. As gorgeous as both ladies are, this scene should have been Outstanding. I blame Darcie, not Adriana. Darcie has so much to offer, but she seldom does. Such was the case in this scene.
2021-06-08 23:03
Adriana saved thus video. I just wish she was squrting.
2020-09-09 05:40
This was just an OK scene for me. Having the beautiful Adriana Chechik helped it a little bit.
2020-01-10 19:09