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Starring Dahlia Sky, Raylene
Video Description: Raylene is behind on her bills, her ex-husband left her for a girl her daughter's age, and to top it all off, when she reaches to put away a glass, she pulls a muscle in her back! Her daughter Keira has an idea though. Why doesn't Raylene go for a massage at her Keira's friend's spa, to get her back worked on? Raylene could use some release, and after a moment of troubleshooting she agrees. Bailey greets Raylene and shows her to the massage room. Raylene's a bit nervous, she's never had a massage before. How far will Bailey be able to go before the tense mom flinches? Raylene really needs some sexual release to get at the heart of her stressors, but does Bailey have what it takes? Yes <3

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Raylene and Bailey were perfect together, that has to be the best seduction scene I have ever seen, please please have more scenes like this it was INCREDIBLE
2021-06-02 18:05
Raylene is so very hot. Shame she retired. Love the seduction.
2020-02-07 16:25
Raylene is so sexy. Wish she would come back
2019-10-08 09:56
Great seduction, and really like the o/y. Pacing was just right. More Raylene and more seduction!
2015-02-15 09:57
I enjoyed it as many of the Girl/Girl Scenes: gentle, subtle. Think of some 40 years ago when such Scenes were not allowed or, if at all, discoloured or shaded. Now it's real and most acceptable; it's just so natural!. Raylene is to be accepted,afterall she has the role of the mother of a certain age already.
2014-08-27 18:00