Caught Red-Handed

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Starring Penny Pax, Adria Rae
Video Description: Penny Pax is in bed with her husband. As he drifts in and out of dreams, she picks up his phone to find an old massage appointment on his calendar. Suspicious immediately that it's just a rub and tug joint, she decides to book an appointment and go check it out for herself. When she walks into the massage parlor, Adria Rae is there to greet her. When Adria tells her to get undressed, Penny practically rips off her clothes in anticipation. She knows this place is sketchy and is going to pull out the stops to prove it. Adria tries to give Penny some privacy but Penny tells her that's not necessary. Adria leaves the room anyway and Penny takes this opportunity to place her phone in the corner to film the session. If she's gonna bust her cheating husband, she's going to need some evidence. She takes off all her clothes and lies on the table. Penny wastes no time asking her about the off the menu options and while Adria hesitates initially, it takes Penny no time to get Adria to admit that she'll do anything for that extra tip. Adria confesses that Penny's really attractive and before she knows it, Adria's tongue is licking Penny's ass. The girls go down on each other, grinds on each other pussies as Penny speaks right into the camera getting Adria to admit to everything. When the girls finish each other off, Penny is satisfied with all the evidence she's gathered. But when she finds out that Adria thought it was all dirty talk and she didn't mean any of it, she realizes that she's the one who's the cheater!

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I love Adria's wide-eyed inocent look and appraoch - despite just fucking the client. Simply beautiful!
2020-01-12 07:03
Nice rim job from both ladies. More rimming please!
2018-11-26 08:56
nice rim job! a different approach to seduction, but not bad...
2018-04-30 18:17
HOT ... Well done Ladies
2018-04-30 06:39
Penny Pax I CAN'T WAIT !!!!
2018-04-12 07:18