Business Audit

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Video Description: Aften Opal, a new masseuse, is manning the front desk when Kayla Paige, an auditor, struts in followed by her eager assistant, Giselle Palmer. Kayla is all business as she states that they're there for a routine audit and that Aften should run along while they do their work. Not wanting to get in their way, Aften hurries away.

When Aften leaves, Kayla grins to herself while watching after her. She LIKES what she sees... As Giselle hits the books, a mischievous thought crosses Kayla's mind...

After Giselle is done crunching the numbers, Kayla slyly insists that they check on Aften again. Once they do, Kayla convinces Giselle to strip down and accept a massage from Aften. It's all part of the auditing process, of course! They need to know Aften's performing her best for the company, after all.

Although Giselle is nervous, Aften is nothing but professional as she goes along with the request. As Aften works out the kinks in Giselle's taut body, Kayla becomes even more daring and aroused. She convinces Giselle to accept a happy ending from Aften as part of the audit -- for her own personal viewing pleasure! Although Giselle is anxious about it, she wants to impress Kayla, so she goes along with having her pussy eaten out by Aften. Of course, as Aften works her magic and gets Giselle all excited, Kayla makes her move and joins in on the fun, too.

It's a sensual threesome as the three ladies, with Kayla taking the lead, eagerly go down on each other. It seems like the massage parlor might have to be audited more often!

Story inspired by an original submission by Fantasy Massage member, Ye_Olde_Banger!

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I love how Aften started out the scene in street clothes. A simple white blouse and pants. I find this much more sexy when the model takes street clothes off and gets down to sexual business. It's a nice break from all the models wearing outfits that are very risque.
2021-09-16 17:34
love the bush, shaved and trimmed combo
2021-07-22 18:18
Giselle's body is to die for. Also, "I like data entry!" That was so awesome
2020-04-23 06:40
2020-04-15 18:41
I guess I'm going against the trend but I find Giselle's bush a total turn off , please don't make this a common look!
2020-01-31 12:15