Bring Your Own Bolster

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Video Description: Masseuse Sabina Rouge welcomes her next client Darcie Dolce to the parlor. Darcie's brought her own bolster with her since she's an avid fan of bolsters and wants it to be used. Sabina is surprised, and a bit offended since she feels Darcie's implying her style of massage isn't good enough, but Sabina gives a strained smile and stays professional. Sabina places the bolster on the massage table, giving it a brief distasteful look when Darcie isn't looking.

After Darcie gets undressed, she eagerly climbs onto the bolster.

Sabina is a bit taken aback by Darcie's butt being up in the air but starts the massage. Darcie clearly enjoys herself and encourages Sabina along the way. Sabina is still a touch grumpy, at first, but gradually, Sabina begins to appreciate the bolster, especially once she gets into massaging the glutes. She can't help but stare at Darcie's ass and pussy, though she tries not to stare long.

Sabina admits that it IS easier to reach some places... And having the hips raised like that IS good for the muscles...

Completely loving the bolster now, Sabina flirtatiously tells Darcie that she wants to give her an even DEEPER massage and begins to trace kisses up Darcie's leg toward her pussy.

Sabina wasn't happy that Darcie had brought her own bolster, but she's not complaining anymore!

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Outstanding. Darcie and Sabina are beautiful ladies with all around dynamic bodies—perfect breasts and erect nipples, pink, wet pussies, and round asses with clean, edible assholes. They both offer non-stop licking, sucking, rubbing, eating action. Outstanding tribbing/scissoring. Their beauty compliments each other. They thoroughly enjoy being with and arousing each other. They are great together.)
2020-10-20 23:13
Very hot ! There is quite-some of special chemistry between Sabrina and Darcie. It was not among the top tribbing scenes here but it is surely among the better ones. It had something from the old good times where tribbing action was among the main erotic action of many videos. IMHO.
2020-06-29 11:02
Daty Bud 2
Fine hot sex scene Ladies but lacked some of the passion displayed in you other scenes. Darcie has gotten just too angular and skinny for her once beautiful smooth full curves. Enjoyed but not nearly as much as I expected.
2020-05-26 09:12
Darci is just a waste. I try to watch her scenes but her lack of excitement and passion for pussy is just frustrating. It must be extremely difficult for other performers to work with her. She avoids the pussy as much as possible and even when she does go down, its almost like she is trying to avoid contact. Boring and a terrible waste because her body is banging and she could be huge but no passion.
2020-05-25 22:06
This scene could have been so mush hotter if the table had been rotated 90 degrees so that Darcie's awesome ass could have been seen from the end, not the side. Ditto Sabina's. The cameras seemed fixed at a 90 degree angle to the table most of the time. Not much massaging took place, and the slow arousal as the butt and inner thighs are massaged was totally missing. I think one of the hottest parts of a massage scene is to see the pussy slowly open up and the hips begin to move up and down. It was also a criminal waste of assets not to have Darcie's awesome tits and Sabina's equally awesome nipples not involved in stimulating the clits. I think there was about 10 seconds of that with Sabina rubbing Darcie's pussy with her tits and nipples. I say again, a criminal waste of beautiful assets, Craven M. must have just phoned this one in as a director.
2020-05-25 22:05
Couldn't agree more with you. If there's a bolster pillow being used, we need to see a good straight on shot of the masseuse digging deep into the girl's thighs and pussy lips. It's the hottest part of the scene for me. A huge turn on. But this scene... can't be done because the length of the table is sandwiched between two walls. What gives?! Plus, given the pandemic situation, I imagine we probably won't get another new bolster scene for quite some time.
2020-05-26 17:49
John 1995
oh stfu! all you guys do is complain
2020-10-05 12:38