Bolstering Our Business

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Video Description: Massage parlor co-owner Jayden Cole enters the room, informing her fellow co-owner Michele James about her findings at a rival's massage parlor, which uses bolsters. Jayden tries to sell Michele on bolsters, but Michele isn't yet convinced.

Jayden begins describing how sensual her massage with the rival parlor was, highlighting how a bolster was used to pay special attention to the butt. Things get a little flirty now as Michele relaxes.

Jayden offers to give Michele a massage, wanting her to experience it, too. Michele easily agrees in order to learn what the competition is doing. Michele strips down. As Michele strips, Jayden steals glances at her, admiring her form, although Michele doesn't seem to notice.

Michele lays down on her front and Jayden puts the bolster in place. She begins the massage, being as thorough as possible. Michele admires the technique, though tries to give tips. Jayden gently reminds her business partner that she knows what she's doing. Michele is a little flustered, apologizing under her breath.

Michele becomes aroused, insisting that this technique might cause a lot of their customers to become aroused as well. Jayden uses this opportunity to come onto Michele, who can't resist Jayden's sensual touch, gasping as Jayden slides her finger into Michele's wet pussy.

These ladies have found the perfect way to BOLSTER their business...

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Akilara (Germany)
Michele James is amazing. Her tits are breathtaking.
2020-11-16 18:37
Great scene, but I just wish everyone making these bolster scenes knew which direction use the bolster.
2020-04-17 15:30
Oh man Michele James is amazing! Beautiful face, that body, watching her with her face buried in between the legs of the equally amazing Jayden Cole was out of this world! Loved the tribbing too! Great scene!
2019-10-13 17:16
For the next bolster scene shoot, maybe put the massage table in a more diagonal position instead of parallel/perpendicular to the walls of the setting? I just feel it would make for better camera angles on these girls.
2019-09-22 23:11
Wow, more Michele James. This was a great massage scene.
2019-09-20 17:37