Bolster Madness!

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Video Description: Sexy masseuse Bunny Colby is REALLY into butts. In fact, she's so into butts that her boss Casey Calvert has to warn her to stop telling clients to get bolster massages - unless a client requests it first. This gives Bunny an idea.

Later that day, Gia Derza arrives for a massage. Bunny purposefully leaves a bolster out, to try to get Gia to ask for a bolster massage. Gia trips over the bolster, but does not ask for the item to be included with her massage. Whoops! As the massage begins, Bunny again tries to bait Gia into asking for the bolster, but Gia STILL doesn't bite.

Finally, Bunny pretends to take a phone call where she talks up bolster massages. Gia FINALLY bites and asks for the bolster, positioning herself on the bolster so that her shapely ass is on display. Bunny happily takes her time massaging Gia's beautiful ass, and Gia admits that feels really good. Gia moans and encourages Bunny to keep going, so Bunny eats out Gia's pussy and then they move on to having fantastic sex!

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Brilliant scene
2021-08-16 09:34
Lots of humor in this scene, and the most delicious - MS Sexual Experimenter, Casey Calvert reining in bolster usage.
2021-04-13 18:40
I love the bolster with the nice pussy.
2021-04-03 16:56
Aussie Fan
Love the bolster and it was used almost to perfection in this scene, rimming and anal fingering without ignoring the pussy is something I love. Almost perfection as more massage of the inner thighs and butt while on the bolster would have topped this off nicely. Thank you Ladies I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2021-03-30 15:20
This was a really great scene, I like it a lot. The massage sequence was nice, though I wish it could have been a bit longer. The dialogue had good humor, and was sexy. I loved when Bunny thought she had convinced Gia to ask for a bolster, then had a let down when she asked for something else. The sex was a lot of fun, and they had GREAT chemistry, and both are incredible performers and very hot. My thanks to everyone involved.
2021-03-30 07:34